Thursday, April 29, 2010

HCG Diet - Final week Round 1

You can watch my v-log or read below (or you can do both!) There are a couple before/after pics on the v-log though!

Okay, so this has been a rough round for me. I ain't gonna lie. I started out at 220, and as of today am 205. I know. Fifteen pounds is nothing to sneeze at. It's just that the average weight loss in a round is more like 20-26, with most of my friends closer to the 26 mark. That would have been way more up my alley.

Here's what happened this week:
I took "progress" pictures Monday morning. Then went to the clinic and got measured (see previous post here for how that went) and came home and then kinda stalled out.

I actually gained half a pound on Tuesday, dropped back to where I was before on Wednesday and decided right then and there to take an apple day (where you eat nothing but 6 apples for the day to break the plateau). So I woke up this morning all ready to see a couple pounds released to get me back on track and motivated. I prepared myself for the worst and figured I could live with a pound loss. As it turned out, I lost only .4 after a day of nothing but apples (which brings me to my present weight of 205). I'll be honest, I tried hard to stay positive. I did. Really. But then I tried on my size 14 jeans and when they wouldn't go past my thighs, I let out a roar that was primal enough to startle both me and my dog. Grrrrrrr! Yeah, THAT was not a good idea. At all. Then there were the tears and the few moments of feeling sorry for myself.

My husband was downstairs and I texted him the following:

205 :-/

I'm cheating on Friday or Sat night, just so you know. I'm done with this. I'll ride it out, but I don't believe the injections were ever right for me.

You never heard feet coming up the stairs so fast! He was upstairs in less than a minute with his phone in hand and a look of concern on his face. That made me smile for a second. He was very understanding and said all the right things and was hugely supportive (which was good because I was really in no mood).

So I called the clinic and spoke to Tamora (an awesome lady) and explained that I was hungry the whole time and that I'd lost only 3 pounds in 9 days, and that it did not seem right and I just felt like my body was holding onto the fat, like it would if it was starving. I told her I had not cheated at all, and that I felt cheated as a result (at least let me indulge and not lose weight!!) and that I did my last injection this morning and was done with this round. She listened patiently and was very cool and understanding. She asked me to wait while she pulled my chart because she wanted to look at my bloodwork because it didn't sound right and she agreed that the weight loss should have been more. I waited while she got it, and when she came back to the phone, she asked about my thyroid being circled and the note from the nurse beside it. That's when I had one of those moments (oh damn, damn, damn!!!).

See, on my second visit, the nurse went over all my bloodwork, etc. with me. My thyroid wasn't bad, but it needed a little support or she was worried that I'd not lose adequately. So she checked out what my body needed and found that I needed a thyroid supporting supplement called Thytrophin PMG by Standard Process (not a drug, but a natural product that is available by prescription through alternative health care practitioners). This clinic is a medical clinic that also offers full alternative care. Anyway, THAT was two weeks ago that I was supposed to get it and take it. The problem was that I thought I'd had some at home, so I declined buying it (even though it was only $12). However, when I got home I found that I didn't have it after all. I was supposed to run by and pick some up from the clinic, but I completely forgot about it. Well, that was two weeks ago and probably explains why I've lost so miserably. My bad.

Anyway, I picked some up today and started on it, but this was my last injection this round. I'm done with it. I will do it again in six weeks, but the sublingual instead. In the meantime, I will follow Eat to Live.

I did cheat today, though. I had a big salad with tomatoes, onions, roasted red peppers, purple cabbage, banana peppers, a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar. It was divine and I felt better for it. I haven't been craving the bad stuff, just more of the good stuff, preferably mixed together!

So, there ya go. This weekend is my 21st anniversary and my husband has a race so we're heading out of town. I am packing all kinds of good foods to get me through the weekend. I'll keep ya posted on how that goes.


Kat said...

Wow, you are VERY brave!!! I didn't even take before pics, but look at that awesome difference you can see in yours with just 15 lbs! So cool!!

And brave of you to post. Thanks for that. It's inspiring. I feel so much skinnier, and then caught sight of myself in a shop window last night and was shocked at how fat I still am, haha!! Waaaah!

Anyway, glad you're done, glad the torture is over, glad you're going to try again! It'll be so much better when you can increase your dose on your own.

Rock on!

WorthyQueen said...

Haha! Thanks, Kat!
I only just got to actually reading this comment. Funnily enough, my most recent blog covered that exact topic of catching your reflection when you're pretty sure you're a skinny babe, and noticing that maybe not so much :-/

Yes, the next round will be good and I'm going for the full 4o day round!

You're doing great, too! Keep rolling!