Monday, April 26, 2010

HCG Diet - 3 Week Results (500 Calorie Day #18)

To read my overview of the HCG Diet, Click Here.

SO first thing this morning, I decided to take progress pictures (I know, brave of me, right?!). Well, turns out this was a very good idea! My body is actually changing and it was noticeable in the pictures! That was exciting for me!!

Then I went to the clinic and got measured and whatnot. Here's what we got:

Where: Wk1 / Wk2 / Wk3 / Total:
L. Arm 14.5 / 14.5 / 12.75 / 1.75
R. Arm 15.5 /15.25 / 13.75 / 1.75
L. Thigh 30 /29.5 /27.5 / 2.5
Chest 46.5 /45.25 / 44 / 2.5 (likely back fat)
Stomach/Waist 40 / 39.5 /38 / 2 (woohoo!)
Hips 50 / 49 /46.75 /3.25 (Booya!!)
Total inch loss since start: 13.75 (YES!!!)

My total weight loss is 14.2 pounds!

SO that was VERY encouraging!! AND, they upped my HCG dose to help with the hunger, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

I have one week left of the injections (Sunday, May 2nd is my last day), then three more 500 calorie days. We're heading out to Daytona this weekend for a race that my husband is in. It's also our 21st anniversary on the 2nd. I'm bringing a cooler and prepping my meals beforehand. I am totally committed to finishing this thing with no guilt! AND I'm excited to see what my total loss will be and still have my heart set on hitting 195 by the end of this round. We'll see! As long as I come in under 200 pounds at the end, I will be thrilled. It's been a long time since I've seen those numbers!

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