Sunday, April 25, 2010

HCG Diet - 2nd Week and That Time of the Month

During the second week on the HCG Diet, I stalled for a couple days, losing very little. I knew it was near that time of the month (aka TOM), so I didn't sweat it. Then I lost 1.5 pounds and TOM arrived. NOT what I expected at all.

Now, part of the strict Dr. Simeons protocol is that during TOM, you stop taking HCG completely, and you're supposed to maintain the 500 calorie diet protocol and not be hungry! I was skeptical, but stayed true to the diet fully expecting to be hungry, however, I found that I was not really hungry and my mood was pretty good. And - BONUS - I lost a pound a day for three days :-) Hell, even if I had been hungry, I would have dealt with it for that kind of weight loss!

I should mention that I was particularly bitchy just before TOM arrived. This was also unexpected as I have been pretty mellow for the past several years.

Here's my v-log, if you're interested. It covers this and a bit:

So all in all, my cycle went along smoothly. I didn't cheat and all seemed well. See my next video below detailing up to day 3 and check out the difference in my mood:

Okay, so just when it all seemed fine and wonderful, day 4 arrived and I was starving!!!! So back on the HCG I went and promptly stopped losing weight :-( I remained at 208 for three consecutive days and then on the 4th day, dropped to 207.8 and had a melt-down. Yeah. I did. Really. BUT, I didn't cheat, or quit! Instead I called the clinic that I'm doing this through and asked for help. I spoke with a nurse who was very cool and she explained that this was not unusual and that it was okay and that I would release more weight if I just trusted the program and stayed the course. Of course she said lots of other encouraging things, but that was what I mostly heard. It worked. I pulled up my boot straps and stayed the course. So as of today, I'm 206.4. So I've lost a little and am moving again.

Here's my last v-log on all that with a little detail on getting through the last weekend:

The bitch of it was that before TOM arrived, I was just getting into the groove, and it was fine without the HCG, but when I went back on it, it was like all hell broke loose. I was emotional (bitchy), hungy and tired again. But as of today, I'm back in the groove again, so all is good. Tomorrow is my clinic visit and measurements, etc. So, we'll see how that goes!

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